Why I have decided to take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program.

My name is Haidy Ehab, and I’m here to write you a blog post about why I decided to pursue a Nanodegree about digital marketing and how I plan to use the knowledge that I’ll learn in this course to benefit me in my current career. Once there was 2019 after I finished my high school degree, I joined the faculty of arts (French section) and I started looking for A job opportunity after one year of entering college. I was so lost about what career I should start my professional journey with until I met a big journalist in our field (my mentor now) and I decided to start as a trainee journalist. Every day, I would go to work on my day-off or after college and work hard to build connections in our field to make a name for myself or learn how to write and tell a story. However, I realized that my efforts in building connections in work are not working at the scale that I was hoping and if I kept working at that pace, I wouldn’t reach many people. Until one day, I started to look into building an online platform for myself to help me in my job. I began to do some research on online presence and journalism, I realized that digital marketing is very important for any celebrity or public personas, and since I work with many famous people, I need to be on track. Because of that, I saw the Nanodegree about digital marketing that FWD offers for free, to help our generation to understand the future of the work field and I could understand how to build an online profile to help me in my career. Until finally, I understood the terms used in the social media platforms, how to target my KPI, how each platform works to help build my main hub. The number of my followers grew, now I understand analytics and how to sync my profiles on my different social media account. This course helped me to get to be known in my work field and build a name for myself.

Author: Haidy Ehab

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