Why You need a good DJ for your wedding functions?

People always asks these questions, 

Why you need a good DJ for your wedding function & what things to keep in mind before booking a DJ? 

So to answer all your questions we have written this blog for you, 

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Why You need a good DJ for your wedding functions?

  1. To make your function a success, he/she will make sure of the following:
  • Playing the right song at the right time,
  • Everyone grooves on his beats (A good DJ knows how to make a non-dancer groove)
  1. He/she will match their playlist according to your and your guests’ style & taste, 
  2. He/she will listen to your crowd and their music requests,
  3. Last but not least he/she will make sure that no one forgets that function throughout their lives. 

What are the things to keep in mind before booking a DJ?

  1. Your function date should be confirmed,
  2. What equipment’s he/she prefers to play on as sometimes these equipment’s can cost a bomb,
  3. Discuss the flow of your function with him/her, in that way he/she will know what music has to be played at what time,
  4. Discuss your function theme so that he/she can come dressed accordingly,
  5. We all know that getting a celebrity DJ will obviously add value to your functions but you should also make sure that he/she is of that worth

How can you define his/her worth?

  1. He/she should have knowledge of all music genre’s which are usually get played at a social event because what if some strange request comes up,
  2. Ask for his/her music recommendations for your function, 
  3. He/she should have a minimum of 3 years of playing experience in social events as there’s a lot of difference between a Nightclub DJ and a Social event DJ,
  4. He/she will discuss about your function timings if he/she is a professional,
  5. Last but not the least, on an average a good DJ costs around 25K per function, rest depends upon your budget as some DJ’s also charge around 5-6L per function

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