Punjabi Wedding Rituals

Punjabi Wedding Rituals Involved In a Hindu Punjabi Wedding

Wedding rituals are as important in a wedding as the sacred union of two bodies & souls.

We’ve compiled a list of all the Punjabi wedding rituals that take place during a Hindu Punjabi wedding.

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Pre-Wedding Rituals

Roka & Thaka

  • In the Roka Ceremony, the bride’s family visits the groom’s place to offer the groom their blessing along with various gifts aka shagun i.e. fruits, sweets, clothes, money
  • At the time of the Roka ceremony, the bride is not present.
  • The return ceremony is called Thaka, in which the groom’s family visits the bride’s family on a separate day carrying gifts for the bride.
Roka / Thaka

Satsang Or Mata ki chowki Or Puja

Satsang Or Mata ki chowki Or Puja

Satsang/ Mata ki chowki/ Puja

Mangni Or Sagai

  • In this ceremony, the couple exchange rings with each other to make it official.
Mangni / Sagai

Chunni Chadhai

  • The Chunni Ceremony is celebrated to accept the bride into the groom’s family,
  • The Chunni is placed on the bride’s head and her face is covered with it, like a veil.
  • Groom’s family gifts their heritage jewellery to the bride (i.e. bangles, necklaces, etc.)
Chunni Chadhai


  • Mehndi is one of the essential ritual of a Punjabi wedding.
  • In this ritual, the bride sits on a special seating & henna is applied on her hands and feet.

Wedding Day Rituals

Churra Ceremony

  • Wedding day morning starts with a havan in which the Churra is put on the wrists of the bride by her maternal uncle and aunt.
  • Before putting the Churra, it is purified with a liquid mixture of Ganga Jal, milk and rose petals.
  • Bride’s Maternal Uncle brings the Churra for the bride and he also gives her a wedding lehenga during the havan.
Punjabi Wedding Ritual Churra

Haldi Ceremony

  • This ceremony is celebrated by both the sides in their respective homes.
  • In this ceremony, family prepares a paste from turmeric, rosewater, mustard oil and sandalwood,
  • Then this paste is applied on the bride & groom’s face, hands and feet by the married ladies of the families.
Punjabi Wedding Ritual Haldi


  • Gharoli ceremony is celebrated right after the Haldi ceremony.
  • In this ceremony, Bhabhi’s of each side of the family bring some water in a Ghada (earthen pot) from the nearby temple or gurudwara for the bride & the groom.
  • Then the bride and the groom takes a bath from this holy water.


  • At the time of arrival of baraat, the bride’s family welcomes the groom’s family with garlands and gifts.
Wedding Ritual Milni


  • In this ritual, the bride and the groom exchange their garlands with each other at the given muhurat i.e. auspicious time.
Wedding Ritual Jaimala

Mangal Phere

  • In this ritual, the Bride and the groom takes a phera of the sacred fire with the ends of their dupatta’s tied together.
  • In this last phera, the groom comes in front of the bride and she follows him,
  • On completion of this last phera, the priest declares them as married.
Wedding Ritual Mangal Phere

Vaidai / Doli

  • The bride gives a tearful goodbye to her family and throws a handful of rice over her shoulders, in her family’s direction.
  • This way she expresses her gratitude towards them for taking care of her for so long.
  • She is then sent off in a decorated car to her husband’s home, this procession is known as Doli.
Wedding Ritual - Vidai

Post Wedding Rituals

Pag Phera

  • The bride with her husband visits her parent’s home,
  • They welcome their daughter and son-in-law with a grand dinner.
  • Then the couple spends the night at her parent’s place and the next day they leave for her husband’s home with a lot of gifts for her in-laws.
Pag Phera

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