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Top 7 SEO Ranking Strategies Everyone Should Know Of

SEO Ranking Strategies - We believe that everyone should understand how to improve their Google SEO ranking.

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Let Us Start With The Basics Of SEO. What Is SEO? How Does SEO Work?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, it helps you to improve and increase your visibility on search engines. If you have increased visibility on search engines then you will drive more traffic to your website. It is also an integral part of digital marketing.

Whenever you search something over a search engine i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc these search engines send their bots known as crawlers on your website to go through your website content to know whether you have valid keywords on your website matching the search keyword.

What Is The Importance Of SEO Marketing?

In today’s era, everything is digital or online, you just have to search for a keyword of a product or a service on a search engine and it will show you a number of results related to your keyword.

Let us explain this with a simple example, suppose you are selling a product or a service and someone searches for a keyword related to your product or service then it will be a valid answer to that person’s search and the search engine will show your website to the person.

But as said it’s not that simple to get a higher ranking in the top results. For getting a higher ranking in the search engine results, you definitely need a solid SEO marketing plan to help you rank your website on the top search results.

Here are some tips To Improve Your Google SEO Ranking.:

Backlinks Building is one of the most crucial factors to boom up the Domain Authority (DA). Although, Google Deny the fact that DA is important to rank.

But according to the Data of 2019. High DA website Rank Faster even with the Low-Quality Blog – Posts.

2. Blog Post Length

This is one of the most concerned question for new bloggers. Actually article length definitely matters.

Google Lens picks long blog posts fast. But you also have to maintain quality sometimes newbies ignore the quality of chasing the length. 

Blog length should be 900 to 1500 words, Length + Quality = SEO Friendly 

The website should be user-friendly on mobile devices.

Theme and template selection genuinely affect SEO. If your theme is not mobile-friendly, then it is tough to rank on Google. Otherwise, it affects your audience userbase.

Last year in 2019, 63.34% of searches were made by mobile devices.

The photos on your blog should be optimised. Photos, as compared to text, need more space. It has an impact on the page’s pace.

Many new bloggers do not prioritise image optimization. As a result, the time it takes for their website’s pages to load increases and the pages load slowly.

On Google, 87% of users wait just 2 to 3 seconds. If your load time is longer than 3 seconds, you should pay attention to the problem.

Secure websites are trustworthy because nowadays, the most unsecured website has virus & malware.

Google algorithm does not want unsecured sites to rank.

If your website is unsecured, then you must contact your hosting provider and tell them to attach SSL with your website.

Remember that, If your blogpost’s URL is long then it becomes difficult to read by Google. URL plays an essential role in ranking.

Make the URL shorter with engaging keywords. Sometimes bloggers fill the post’s title as a slug or URL. This ignorance can harm your traffic.

Social share can transfer thousands of visitors per month. If you are making quality posts for social media. Use these 5 tactics to rank better on social media:

  • Make Quality Post 
  • Write 140 to 150 Words Feed
  • Good Color Selection
  • Proper Use of Hashtags 
  • Consistency 

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